I know a vicious Killer who discriminates no more,
It lurks around each corner, see, and hides behind every door.

I tell a dusty stranger I meet to run away and hide,
“The Killer does run rampant tonight…no mercy for the buy.”

Who is this vile imposter and from whence it came alive?
The face I do not recognize; the voice it tells me lies.

Run, run away quick feet; I tell myself, survive!
But Killer always finds me weak; all hope shortcuts aside.

Seek closets, rooms, and corridors. My will to live runs wide.
Need help, self-will surrender please; I take each lash in stride.

I find a distant doorway, see, from there I go inside
Long mirrors line the walls; I find my eyes, they close and cry.

The Killer I do see in here, a clarity about time
The villain looks right at me, and we’re level, eye to eye.

The Killer lives inside of me, so deep inside my mind
Always waiting patiently for hope to tire and die.

To journey through my destiny ignites a fire inside,
Self-will must be surrendered for, it’s key to Killer’s high.

My will does charge a price to pay, in that there’s no deny.
My human purse runs short tonight, on coin I can’t rely.

Last chance for quick surrender soul, in that I’m sure I’ll find.
Escape sweet Killer, leave my mind…my soul release to fly.

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