Dear Jake

Day 1 – Wednesday, October 11, 2017

You died on a crisp Fall evening while I held you in my arms, hoping to ease your suffering onward into the next Life. How the air had a hint of coolness that October evening as the sun melted over the beautiful horizon!

On the way to the vet, our little family drove you by you favorite spots…the Chic-fil-A where we spent many afternoons getting ice cream, and we also took you by the old house you liked so much. I rolled the window down so you’d better see where we were. And as I gazed at you in the rear view mirror while your Brother held you, I saw you smell the air as we drove slowly through the old neighborhood. I felt as if you knew that you were coming home.

In the vet’s office, I smelled your fur and pushed my face into the back of your neck hoping to still the moment for one more breath.

I held you as you passed, and it did not take long. Your beautiful head rested on my arm as I lay you down onto the table. I stroked your body and kissed your face, all the while as your big Brother sobbed big crocodile tears. It pained me so to watch that young man crumble because he just witnessed his childhood companion take his last breath.

I was relieved that you no longer suffered as you had the last two days. Hardest 48 hours of my adult life. You were my best furry friend, best friend I ever had. I’ll miss you everyday until, I too, lay my own head down for the forever nap.

Please do not forget me. I would like to see you find a good water hose to bite at the stream as it runs from the hose. Chase those big dragonflies!! And I would not mind if you stopped in every so often in my dreams. I will think of you every time I go to sleep, reach my hand out across my bed expecting to touch the softest friend as he slumbers beside me in the night.


RIP my sweet Jake.

Jake my Boxer and best friend